Browsy Sunday



Still making my way through the Ray Kurzweil book. I’ve hit the more computer science-y part of the book and I’m fading fast. I started reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to help me with the start of school. Also, I downloaded the audiobook for Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers by Robert Sapolsky.

It’s not a book, but I’ve loved this collection of essays. It’s a good mix of different writers with varying points of view. Read to think and feel more deeply.

Shorter Reads

Ever wondered what lives inside your bellybutton? Or how the bacteria a little below that might affect whether you develop food allergies? Or how they might even control your behavior? These microbes surround you like an aura-an aura that moves with you. The jury’s still out on whether the bacteria affect you as much as your roommate does, though. On the principles of that article, everyone should be trying to make this guy their roommate.

I’m not the only person who recommends books and articles over the Internet (surprise!). Here’s an interesting list of newsletters worth subscribing to. I’m a big fan of Ryan Holiday’s Recommended Reading List that comes out every month. The colorful Gala Darling does a Carousel in which she recommends her favorite articles from the month. Here are three books that the co-founder of Wired magazine thinks will change your life. Let’s hope they don’t recommend that you do what you love; that advice is going out of style. “Be weird” still isn’t, however, thank goodness.

Have a great week,



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